Calliope PBX has an integrated set of tools to enable the most complete management of the inbound/outbound calls system available in the market.

All management is 100% Web in an easy, fast and with mechanisms for testing and homologation before going into production, in addition to a wide range of ready reports and direct access to the database to generate customizable reports.


The system allows the creation of unlimited multi-level IVRs (IVR tree) in a simple on line way.

In all IVR routing is possible to make external queries.

At any point in IVR you can access an external program such as a CRM / ERP and get information from the customer you called to:

  • Play specific audios;
  • Direct your call to custom sub-menus;
  • Send SMS with Code Bars;
  • Play all Code Bar numbers;
  • Request reconnection of blocked systems;
  • Play protocol numbers;


Calliope PBX has a complete queue management system:

  • DAC;
  • Reports;
  • Call Prioritization;
  • Custom queue audio for each type of client, or option on the IVR, or per product;
  • Redirect Calls basead on average time or number of queued calls.
  • Monitoring of calls in queue - Listening, Whisper and Conference;
  • Stress Analysis of Queued Calls;
  • Login Logout;
  • Custom breaks with alerts in case of break time exceeded;
  • Warnings before the Call goes to the Queue;
  • Automatic return of calls that were abandoned in the Queue;
  • Blended Operation, with inbond and outbound calls together;
  • Multi-skill operators;
  • Automatic sending for Satisfaction Survey;
  • CTI to show call info;
  • 03 Types of Dashboards:
    1. Complete for the supervising team;
    2. Summarized by queue - to be exposed to the agents;
    3. Summarized the entire operation - to get an overview of all active queues;
  • Routing of queued calls based on date and time;
  • Alarms based on Times, Queue Size and System Pause;
  • Broadcast messages to the agents;


Our Dialer allows you to import Mailings in .csv format with any layout.

  • Mailings Import;
  • Answering Machine detection with more than 95% assertiveness;
  • Play Recording;
  • Reverse IVR Tree;
  • Market Survey;
  • Predictive Dialing;
  • Power Dialing;
  • Automatic Dialing;

It is possible to create new mailing from any Calliope's Report.

Integration with any CRM/ERP system for automatic sending of mailings and screen pop-up.


Calliope system has several APIs to allow manipulation from other systems. The APIs are made through connection to PBX database, Web Services and / GET / POST commands.